Bring on the Maths

Flexible and powerful activities that address all three aims of the National Curriuclum. Pupils are encouraged to interpret and analyse mathematics, work collaboratively and communicate decisions.

Each 'Bring on the Maths' activity provides a problem with twelve possible solutions. When a correct solution is clicked on, a letter appears (incorrect solutions are indicated by a cross). When all possible solutions have been found, the letters can be rearranged to find a key mathematical word or a Mystery Mathematician. Variations on this theme include 'find a friend', 'find the logic' and 'find the group'.

All activities can also be printed and used in paper form. Ideas for use can be found here.

Bring on the Maths Bring on the Maths

'Bring on the Maths' challenges pupils to question their misconceptions and provides a unique way of consolidating mathematics vocabulary. It can also help to develop independent learners and strengthen home/school links. The different packages available include:

Bring on the Maths+: A redesigned product compatible with tablets and smartphones. Packages available as follows:

  • Moving on Up! Based on end of KS2 expectations. Ideal for Year 6 intervention and checking that pupils are 'secondary ready'.
  • Lower KS2: based on the key ideas from Years 3 and 4 Programmes of Study.
  • Upper KS2: based on the key ideas from Years 5 and 6 Programmes of Study.
Bring on the Maths: The original product with packages as follows:
  • Level by Level: based around the old National Curriculum level descriptors for levels 2 to 8.
  • Key Stage 3: based on the old key objectives for KS3 mathematics.
  • GCSE: based on the A* to C specification.
  • C1-C4: providing complete coverage of the AS/A2 Core specifications

Try the free samples, and click here for information on ideas for use, prices and ordering.