Kenny's Pouch

Free resources from Kangaroo Maths

Welcome to Kenny's Pouch. This section contains piles of free maths resources for use by schools. Follow the links in the left hand menu to find out more.

This area of the site has recently had a bit of an overhaul. The biggest changes are summarised below:

  • Completely new Key Stage 4 schemes of work based on the same structure as the KS3 ones, and therefore designed to allow planning for progression across the entire secondary phase
  • The 'Subject Leadership' area has been updated and the Maths Handbook now contains renewed NC Level and GCSE Grade descriptors.
  • The new 'History & Culture' page contains much material previously listed under enrichment.
  • A World Cup 2010 simulation activity can be found in the new 'Games & Puzzles' page.
  • The 'Number', 'Algebra', 'Shape and Space' and 'Data Handling' pages now contain an alternative index to many of the teaching resources available.
  • 'Assessment' continues to be a very popular destination, especially for its ¿Convinced? resources, 'Make the Grade' tests and level ladders. APP resources are now contained within the KS2/3 assessment section.