Assessment: Key Stage 2/3

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Tracking Sheets

Based on the Kangaroo Maths Mastery Indicators, these are intended to be used in conjunction with our schemes of work for the 2014 curriculum. The sheets enable students to be part of the effective tracking of key indicators that underpin progression in mathematics.


A resource package based on the assessment criteria from Levels 3 to 8, as coded and paraphrased below. Self-assessment opportunities are included, and they also form part of the interactive schemes of work. Take a look at these user notes for detailed information about their design. Thanks to the Gloucestershire Maths Advisory Team and the Herefordshire School Improvement Service for their contributions.

Level 3

Level 4

Level 5

Level 6

Level 7

Level 8

Single Level Tests

A resource package providing sets of assessments based on National Curriculum levels to help produce a mathematical profile for students. Ideal support for identifying strengths and areas for development in order to close gaps in achievement, and also for ensuring that tracking data is robust and accurate. Thanks to the AET Mathematics Team for developing and contributing all of these resources.

Term 1

Term 2

Term 3



Okay, so it's a silly made up word, but we hope that these might prove useful. The Levelopaedia provides exemplifications and probing questions for each of the 'assessment criteria' for every National Curriculum level. This resource has been produced by the Gloucestershire Maths Advisory Team, and there is also an e-profile to help in the process of building a picture of what pupils can do in mathematics.

Level Ladders

Written from a teacher's perspective to give a sense of progression through the National Curriculum levels in each of the topic areas below.

Level Descriptors

Assessing Pupils' Progress

In addition to the assessment criteria and levelopaedias above, some information and resources to support departments developing APP have been provided by the Gloucestershire Maths Advisory Team.

The e-profile provides a tool for teachers who wish to track the 'building a picture' process electronically. It contains the content of the levelopaedias and tools to support making a periodic judgement, moderation and analysis. To help with the year-on-year transfer process or set changes there are also import/export features. Please note that we are unable to offer technical support with this resource - see the guidance document below for answers to many of the frequently asked questions about it.