Terms and Conditions

Thank you for your interest in Kangaroo Maths and 'Bring on the Maths'. We hope you will enjoy using it. Please read the following so that you are fully aware of how our service operates.

Section One: Definitions

Throughout these terms and conditions the following words are defined as below:

  • 'we', 'us', 'our', refer to 'Kangaroo Maths Ltd';
  • 'you', 'your', refer to the person or institution subscribing to the materials;
  • 'fee', refers to the fee (or fees) payable by you to us for access to the materials. You can choose to access some or all of the materials;
  • 'website' refers to 'kangaroomaths.com', maintained and operated by us;
  • 'materials' are the materials to which you buy access, provided by us through the website. Some materials are freely available through the website.

Section Two: Introduction

  • In order to make full use of 'Bring on the Maths' you need the system requirements as set out on the samples page. You are responsible for ensuring that you have these facilities.
  • By buying access to the website and materials contained therein, you are accepting these terms and conditions as a negotiated and signed agreement. If you do not agree with the terms and conditions, do not use the website and materials.
  • We reserve the right to amend these terms and conditions at any time. You will be given notice of any changes which are applicable to you.
  • We reserve the right to alter without notice the access arrangements, presentation, content and facilities of the website and materials. Please read Section 7 below.

Section Three: The Materials

  • All reasonable efforts have been made to ensure the relevance, security and accuracy of the content of the materials, though it is possible that errors may occur. If errors are made known to us, the materials may be updated from time to time.
  • Therefore, outside those already provided by law, we offer no additional warranties. For example, we cannot guarantee that:
    • the materials will be free from errors;
    • any errors will be corrected;
    • the materials, or the results obtained through them, will meet your requirements and/or expectations;
    • the materials will be secure;
    • a virus, or anything else with damaging or destructive properties, will result from use of the website or materials.
  • The materials are for general educational use. They have worked for us and we hope that they work for you, but we cannot guarantee it.
  • Any material obtained by you from us, by downloading or otherwise, is done at your own risk and on the basis that you are solely responsible for any data loss or damage to your computer system that results. Please note that all paid-for material is just a collection of webpages and PDF documents therefore we can see no reasonable way in which this could happen.

Section Four: Payment

  • Some of the materials are freely available on the website. These may be used in your institution, but not downloaded, reproduced or distributed in any other way.
  • There is a one-off fee to pay for each part of the materials that you wish to use. You can choose to pay a further fee to access more materials at a later date. From time to time there may be a discounted fee if you wish to subscribe to several of the materials available.
  • The prices quoted on the index of resources page are in UK pounds
  • By paying the fee you have access to the materials, or if you are an institution, your teachers and students have access to the materials.
  • Access to the materials will be provided once full payment or purchase order has been received. The fee is payable by cheque or BACS. The cheque should be made payable to 'Kangaroo Maths Ltd'. All products are classed as zero-rated for VAT, provided they are bought by an educational establishment.
  • Access to the materials is by username and password. We will choose these and send you written notice of them once payment, or purchase order, has been received. Only teachers and students of the institution that has paid the fee can use the username and password.
  • Payment is due within thirty days of invoice date. If payment has not been recieved in this time, we reserve the right to terminate access.
  • Once you have access to the materials, you will have the right to download, via the website, such materials as your fee covers.
  • For security reasons, the standard set-up allows not more than ten concurrent logins for any one user. However, you may install the downloaded version of the materials on an unlimited number of computers within your institution. For a higher fee, you can increase the number of users that can login to the system concurrently. See the index of resources page and the order form for further details.
  • If we believe that a username and password provisions are being violated, we reserve the right to change the username and/or password, or to end the agreement.
  • For security reasons, if an incorrect password is typed in twenty times in any ten-minute window, the computer which is trying to access the site will be blocked from further use. This blacklist status can be removed if verification from you is received.

Section Five: Personal Information

  • We require, and will request from you, certain information in order to provide the materials to you. If you are an institution, this information will be requested from your employee(s). As this is your responsibility, you guarantee to us the information's accuracy and truthfulness.
  • We will treat your personal information as confidential and use it for the sole purpose of providing our service to you. Changes to the website and materials we provide may be notified to you by post or by email.
  • Your personal information will be disclosed to no third party unless we are required to do so by law.
  • Please notify us immediately of any change in your details.

Section Six: Copyright

  • All material on the website is the copyright material of Kangaroo Maths Ltd, or the copyright material of stated individuals. All 'Bring on the Maths' activities are the copyright material of S.A.Lomax and M.J.Nixon, and are licensed to Kangaroo Maths Ltd for distribution. All resources on the website, including 'Bring on the Maths', are subject to the remainder of this section.
  • The materials are provided for educational purposes. You may use on-line, print or download extracts from the website for this purpose, and not for any commercial exploitation or financial gain. Downloaded 'Bring on the Maths' materials may be stored on your computer, or on the computer network at the institution that paid the fee, subject to the remainder of this section.
  • All downloaded 'Bring on the Maths' and 'Assessment Package' materials will be branded with the purchasing institution's name. This must not be removed.
  • All copies of material must carry an acknowledgement of the copyright owner. Any copyright notice already in place must not be removed.
  • Reproduction, alteration, copying or redistribution of any material, its content or design is prohibited, unless written consent from us has been received.
  • The adapting or incorporation of any part of the materials into any other work is prohibited, unless written consent from us has been received.
  • The use of, or incorporation of, any part of the materials into professional development courses is prohibited, unless written consent from us has been received.
  • The schemes of work may be further developed by individual schools for use in that school only. Any branding already in place must not be removed.

Section Seven: Termination

  • By giving us notice in writing, you can end your agreement with us at any time. No refund is available, unless we have failed in our obligations to you.
  • By giving notice to you, we can end this agreement at any time if you are in breach of the terms and conditions set out here.
  • By giving notice to you, we can end this agreement at any time if you fail to pay the appropriate fee.
  • We reserve the right to terminate at any time, the service provided by us through the website. If we choose to terminate this service, you will receive notice from us and will be given the opportunity to download all materials that you have paid for access to.

Section Eight: Liability

  • We do not accept liability for any damages (even if we have been advised of the possibility of such damages). For example:
    • damages to anticipated academic attainment;
    • loss of goodwill;
    • data losses.
  • As an example, and although we don't anticipate it, such damages might result from:
    • the use of the website and materials;
    • the inability to use the website and materials;
    • unauthorised access to the website.
  • We will not be liable if we are unable to provide our service to you due to any circumstances beyond our control. For example, the failure of any machine or transmission link.
  • If we admit liability, or we are found liable to you, our liability shall not be greater than the total fee you have paid to us.
  • If you do not agree that the exclusions and limitations of our liability are reasonable, do not use the website.

Section Nine: Law

  • These terms and conditions are subject to English law, and we submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of the English courts.